DOORS was formed in 1990. The initial goal for the organization was to help establish an adult services program for graduates of the Douglass School, a division of the DDDC. Today DOORS programs provide support to all students at the DDDC.

What Is DOORS’ Mission?

DOORS mission is to provide resources help children and adults from the DDDC community thrive and grow.

This means:
• Access to quality care from familiar teachers and caregivers.
• Opportunities to have fun with their peers
• Building skills to maximize independence
• Providing resources to help parents

What Are DOORS’ Programs?

Adult Program: This is a key program for a vastly underserved community. The Adult program strives to promote individual growth and skill development through employment programs, teaching life skills and promoting community integration.

Summer Camp: This 6-day program is a favorite of the kids. Parents can rest easy knowing the children are having a great time and getting help from people they know and are comfortable with.

After School: The after-school program is a DDDC initiative that DOORS supports. Activities include swimming, bowling, roller and ice skating, and gymnastics. Students are paired one-to-one with college students and typically developing peers.

Other/Past Initiatives: DOORS has also been involved in a number of other initiatives such as a Saturday pre-school social program, weekend and emergency respite, family social programs, and a grandparents group. DOORS also supports staff appreciation for the DDDC.

And How Do We Pay for All This?

There are four primary ways DOORS raises money: The Dinner Dance, The Golf Outing, the Handleman Walk and the Annual Appeal. The funding efforts are run by parents, and the proceeds go directly to our programming with minimal administration. Check out our Events page to find the latest. You can also go straight to our Donation page!
James Christy,

Mike McGeehan,
VP of Finance

Elizabeth Shain,
VP of Operations

Don Gordon,

Maria Arnold,
DDDC Staff Liaison