DOORS funds a number of outstanding programs including those listed below. For more information, or to enroll your child in one of our programs, please send us an e-mail to

Temporary Emergency Respite Funding

When a family member(s) cannot be present in the home due to an emergency situation, DOORS will pay a fixed amount to the family to hire a qualified respite worker who will provide care and supervision to the child/adult.

Family Social Outings
DOORS organizes and sponsors various activities where all family members are welcome to participate. These outings include brunches, picnics, baseball games etc.

Grandparents Support Group
DOORS hires the facilitator of this group which meets on a monthly basis at the Ryders Lane building of the DDDC to discuss issues relative to their grandchildren's disability.

Weekend Respite
Allows the family some much-deserved time away. DOORS pays, up to a set amount, for appropriate supervision, housing, meals and activities for the student/client and qualified respite worker.

Week-long Overnight Camp
The salaries of counselors/ consultants are paid for by DOORS. The greatest majority of individuals hired are DDDC staff i.e. teachers, speech pathologists, home programmers and assistant teachers. They provide our campers with one on one or two on one consultant to camper ratios and insure a safe, fun filled camp experience.

Douglass Adult Program
Nationwide, there is a documented severe lack of appropriate services for learners with autism who have "aged out" of the educational system. Therefore, the Douglass Adult Program, a division of the Douglass Developmental Disabilities Center (DDDC) was established to provide comprehensive, individualized adult services to these individuals and their families.

Transitional Services was established to provide state-of-the-art educational, vocational and behavioral day services to individuals with autism or related developmental disabilities who:

• Are at least 14 years of age, and

• Present with significant, long standing challenging behaviors (e.g. aggression or self injury), and

• Are unable to be currently maintained in other, less restrictive educational or vocational settings.

The Adult Program (21+) offers a range of life-skills development services including: employment, life skills and community integration.

For more information on these programs, please visit the
Division of Transitional and Adult Services page.

Special Community Outings
DOORS pays the full cost of these excursions, including a trip last year to the circus for all students, parents and siblings where social skills are practiced through recreational activities.

Pre-School Saturday Social Program
DOORS pays 4 individuals (2 supervisors and 2 assistants) to plan and operate a Saturday program for the pre-school students and their

School Support
DOORS contributes funds for special projects, events, and equipment.

After School/After Work Recreation
Provided for up to three days per week. Activities include swimming, bowling, roller and ice skating, and gymnastics. Students are paired one-to-one with college students and typically developing peers.

Teacher Appreciation Activities
DOORS pays the full cost of many of these activities, which honor the hard working, caring, dedicated staff of the Center.